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Team-Building & Leadership Training Workshops for High School Student Councils

Custom training with your student leaders at your school


Any links in this list are for the complete letters of reference about Peter's workshops for student councils.

Michelle Cannella, Student Council Advisor, Bishop Gorman Catholic High School, Nevada

Evelyn Collazo, Retired Principal, Commonwealth School, Puerto Rico

Bill Cook, Principal, Marvin Ridge High School, North Carolina

Mitchell Curry, Principal, Scott Johnson Middle School, Texas; Former Principal, Commerce Middle School, Texas

Millie DelGrosso, Advisor, Vero Beach High School, Florida

Dr. Betty Krohn, Vice Principal, James Bowie High School, Texas; Former Vice Principal, Haltom High School, Texas

Martha Talbot, Principal, West Mesquite High School, Texas

Juan Roldan, Assistant Principal, Marvin Ridge High School, North Carolina

Robert Tesar, Retired Principal, Jefferson High School, Iowa

Str. Mary Grace Watson, Assistant Principal, Pope John Paul the Great Catholic High School, Virginia

Greg Whitehead, Retired Principal, Miamisburg High School, Ohio

Jenny Zornes, AVID Coordinator, Scott Johnson Middle School, Texas

United Way of Bucks County, Pennsylvania

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