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Letter of Reference
from Robert J. Tesar

May 16, 2001

To Whom It May Concern:
Re: Peter Ferrito Leadership Training

Peter Ferrito has conducted three student leadership training sessions at Jefferson High School in the past year. The first, in the spring of 2000, was held for section leaders in our large and competitive marching band program. He repeated that session with the new student band leaders this spring. Additionally, he directed a separate session for a group of student council leaders, class officers, and other student group leaders.

We have been most satisfied with the training sessions themselves, and the band directors believe they reaped many benefits this year as a result of the training that occurred last spring. The success with the band's student leaders is what led us to expand to more general student group leaders.

Specifically, we believe the training received from Mr. Ferrito has:

  • Enhanced the sense of responsibility held by students
  • Fostered teamwork and collaboration
  • Provided students with direction for influencing the climate of their school
  • Caused students to realize they can impact the larger school in a positive way.

We intend to continue using the concepts taught by Mr. Ferrito, and our combined leadership group intends to remain intact during the 2001-2002 school year. They have developed a mission statement for students that provides a sense of ownership and responsibility for school climate. They have also designed a student survey to be completed this spring that will help focus the group on goals for next year.

All in all, the training provided by Mr. Ferrito has had a positive impact on the students involved. Moreover, he has inspired those students to extend the tenets of the training outward to include more and more students over time. We're excited about the prospects of students taking a more active role in the leadership of our school.


Robert J. Tesar
Retired Principal
Jefferson High School
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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