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Reviews of Our Teambuilding & Leadership Training Workshops for Teens

I am not a traditional motivational speaker. I will say that the students and adult leaders I work with almost always find my workshops highly energizing and intellectually stimulating.

Our hands-on workshops build individual thinkers who work as collective, service-oriented units to better their organizations.

In our workshops students:

  • learn principles of leadership
  • build confidence
  • improve their communication skills
  • learn teaching and problem solving skills while leading their peers in activities
  • learn how to work with people who need extra attention
  • learn to work through issues and come to consensus

The results are lasting. Most of these reviews have been written months or even years after the workshop. In fact, many of the student reviews were written after high school because the student was grateful for the life changes that resulted from the work they did in a one or more of my workshops.

Our clients include high schools, middle schools, marching bands, student government organizations, sports teams, and youth organizations. Do you want to know what results I can bring to your program? Please read the reviews below, written by leaders like you.

Reviews of our Workshops for Youth