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Team-Building & Leadership Training Workshops & Other Services for Teens

The primary focus of Teens2Teams™ is team-building and leadership training for high school students. Our workshops create strong, interdependent teams who learn to combine their skills to determine and achieve common goals.

How to Achieve Your Objectives

Coaches, band directors, and administrators often ask us why they should bring in outside help. It's true that adult leaders frequently know what is preventing their group from excelling. Unfortunately, normal group dynamics work against their being able to effect the necessary changes.

A skilled, perceptive external change agent can create the vision, motivation, and momentum your group needs to succeed. This is where Teens2Teams™ excels. We tailor our workshops to address the specific issues that have been holding your teens back. We get results.

Where and When

We bring our customized workshops to your school. This allows us to deal with your group's dynamics in context. It also avoids the expense of housing and transporting your students.

Workshops can be scheduled for any season of the year.

Workshop Goals

Our highly interactive leadership and team-building workshops are designed to:

  • create an increased understanding of human behavior
  • teach students leadership principles and then work with them to identify their individual strengths
  • develop trust in their own abilities and the abilities of their fellow students
  • build effective interpersonal communication skills and creative problem-solving skills
  • develop and then practice skills for arriving at consensus under time pressure
  • encourage youth participants to develop and focus their individual strengths in the service of their collective mission

Techniques Used

These leadership and team-building workshops use a variety of approaches, including lecture and a series of one-on-one, small group, and large group exercises.

Participants have the opportunity to lead some segments of the leadership and team-building workshop.

Positive Workshop Results

We go beyond temporary "feel-good" fixes. Our students learn interpersonal skills which empower them to participate at higher levels in your group and throughout the rest of their lives.

As a result of our team-building training, your students will interact more effectively with fellow members and staff. They will grow in confidence and competence in managing people. Most of all, your team will be more cohesive and empowered to achieve its goals.

Looking for evidence? Read the reviews written by the youth workshop participants and their adult leaders.

Student Organizations We Train

Workshop Length and Cost

Our teen Team-Building and Leadership Training workshops range from one to three days at your site.

A recommended one-day follow-up workshop is also available.

Funding Options

Most organizations use school or booster parent funding to pay for the workshops, but fundraising and grants may be another option. These articles on grants and fundraising may be helpful to your organization.

Other Services Offered

In addition to teen teamwork workshops, Teens2Teams™ also offers:

  • individual consulting for athletes, leaders, and coaches
  • training workshops for band directors, coaches, educators, administrators, and parents
  • workshops for teachers' in-service training, educators' conventions, and parent-teacher associations

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Please contact us for more information about our team-building workshops for student councils, sports teams, and bands.