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Fund-raising & Grant Writing Articles

We recognize that many high school organizations, public and private schools, and school districts are facing funding limitations. These articles by Stan Levenson, an experienced fundraiser and grant writer, explain how some schools are expanding the resources they have to work with.

"A Program that Pays: Developing a large-scale fund-raising program could be the answer to your woes," American School Board Journal, July 2008.

"A Bigger Piece of the Pie: Fund-raising for local public schools," Principal Leadership, January 2003.

"Writing Your First Successful Grant Application: How local public schools can cash in on big-time fund-raising," Teacher's Planet, 2002.

Dr. Levenson has also written several books on fund-raising and grant writing for schools. Two of his books appear on our book recommendations page. More information is also available on his website,

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