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Team-Building and Leadership Training:
Creating Tomorrow's Leaders with Today's Youth

Providing Students with Effective Leadership Skills

Team-Building and Leadership Training is a hands-on workshop that has been successfully presented at 150 high schools throughout the country. The workshop is designed to train student representatives from different backgrounds, opinions and goals 1) to create a systematic working relationship and then 2) to implement a school wide program specifically designed to unify the entire student body.

School as a Training Ground for Life

The Team-Building and Leadership Training workshop takes the approach that school is teens' society, and as such, it serves as a training ground for their future life challenges. Much like the larger American society, schools are becoming highly polarized. It is commonly known that students mostly trust leaders from within their selected peer groups.

Learning to Work within a Democratic Process

When peer group leaders become united in a Team-Building and Leadership Training workshop then all students feel they are well represented. In addition, a simple scientific system will allow all students to have direct access to student leaders' decision-making process. In a Team-Building and Leadership Training workshop both student leadership and student body learn how a democratic government works most effectively. In addition, school administrators acquire a simple reliable means to gauge and monitor current student climate on a consistent basis.

Honoring Diversity to Create Unity and Effective Teamwork

The key, then, is to bond leaders of all peer groups and teach them how to integrate all diverse ideas and gain consensus, thereby creating a unified, focused, and effective team. In this way, the leadership coherently bonds its mini-society, that is, their school. In the process, the leadership will develop the basic interpersonal communication skills and courage necessary to successfully lead later in life. In addition, the student body gains skill and confidence in how to get government to meet their needs.

Teens2Teams™'s teen Team-Building and Leadership Training teaches the broad range of skills needed to take your student leaders to the next level. Please contact us now to learn how we can tailor a program to meet your specific needs.

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