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Student Leadership &
Team-Building Articles

Articles about Peter Ferrito and Teens2Teams™

Evelyn Collazo, "Leadership Workshop at Commonwealth High School," CPS Scene Newsletter, Commonwealth-Parkville School, October 2009, p. 10.

Maureen Lynch, "Rakers Helped Central Marion Jell," McHenry County Sports, Woodstock, IL, Thursday 12/18/08.

Katie Duffey, "TL Band S.O.A.R.s as Leaders," Herald Journal,, Monticello IN, Thursday 03/16/06.

Luke Gilliam, "McKinney — Peter Ferrito has found his niche," The Dallas Morning News, SportsDay, Collin County, Wednesday 09/29/04, p. 12C.

Articles by Peter Ferrito

Peter Ferrito, "Teen Leadership Problems, Workshop Methods, & Expected Outcomes."

Peter Ferrito, "What is Sports Psychology?", 2005.

Peter Ferrito, "Selecting student leaders: Letting students choose their own leaders has far-reaching benefits for your band," Band and Orchestra, Vol. 3, No. 12, December 2000, pp. 14-15.

Peter Ferrito, "Team-Building and Leadership Training: Creating tomorrow's leaders with today's youth." The following link will open a longer MS Word version of this teen leadership and teamwork article

Peter Ferrito, "The importance of teams and how they work best," Focus Magazine, October 1995.

Peter Ferrito, "Performing confidently and competently under pressure," Fanfare Magazine, December 1994, pp. 8-9.

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