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Team-Building & Leadership Training for High School Student Councils

Custom training with your student leaders at your school

How is our Team-building and Leadership Training for Student Councils Different?

  1. We come to your school and work with just your organization.
  2. We always tailor our workshops to your specific needs.
  3. Your students complete a questionnaire prior to the workshop.
  4. Also prior to your workshop, we work with you, the student government advisor, to determine areas of improvement for your student leader team and staff.
  5. Your top 3-4 student leaders get additional training which includes opportunities to lead their peers and then receive feedback.
  6. We also meet with your top student leaders to help them to identify and develop their individual skills and talents.
  7. Your leader team will acquire proven techniques that increase motivation and performance.
  8. Your student leaders will learn how to respectfully critique each other as part of leading a series of student activities.
  9. Your leaders will improve in their ability to speak in a positive, focused manner with direct eye contact.
  10. Your student leader team will gain proficiency in using a technique for respectfully handling problem situations.
  11. As a result, your group will develop a better working relationship between leaders, staff and student members.
  12. We will follow up with you after the training to ensure maximum benefit.

Topics Covered

  • Identifying individual strengths and building individual confidence and competence
  • Understanding and developing a Team Concept
  • Defining the group's vision for their program
  • Creating a participant-led mission statement and Action Plan (2-Day Workshop)
  • Establishing expectations of one another
  • Improving communication skills
    • Understanding why and how people communicate
    • Learning to speak more articulately and positively
    • Building skills in problem solving and communication through games under time duress
    • Role playing of body language, tonality and empathic listening
  • Understanding behavior and the role it has on human interaction

To learn more about the problems teens have in leading, methods used in the workshop, and expected outcomes following the workshop, please read Problems, Methods and Expected Outcomes.

For further information, please read this description of Team-Building and Leadership Training. This article on Team-Building and Leadership is also available as a longer MS Word document.

This link shows examples of mission statements created in high school student government workshops.

Workshop Length

Our team-building and leadership training workshops for student council leaders range from one to three days at your site.

A recommended one-day follow-up workshop is also available.

We offer a $100 discount with purchase of 4 days of services.

Funding Options

While most student government organizations use school or booster parent funding to pay for the workshops, grants may be another option. These articles on grants and fundraising may be helpful to your organization.

Book Recommendations

Participants who want to prepare in advance or follow up on our workshops will want to read some of our book recommendations.


We've provided team-building training for student leaders in many high schools, middle schools, and youth programs. View a list of principals and advisors of student councils who recommend us, and read their letters of recommendation.

You can also read quotes from student leaders who have participated in a team-building and leadership workshop for high school student government.

Please contact us for more information about our team-building workshops for student government organizations.

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