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Teen Leadership Problems, Workshop Methods, & Expected Outcomes

Problems Teens Have in Leading

  1. How can I fit in and stand out at the same time?
  2. How can I be a friend and in charge of my friends at the same time?
  3. When do I stick up for my peers and when do I stick up for my superiors?
  4. Teens have an increasingly difficult time communicating given the amount of time they spend emailing and texting.
  5. Although standardized testing has its benefits, it also creates expectations for quick answers when human relationships are very complex.

Workshop Methods

  • Lecture
  • Fun games with balls to learn about how people communicate
  • Oneľon-one interviews
  • Two opportunities for each participant to speak in front of the group
  • Numerous opportunities to answer questions and give input
  • Participant-led mission statement activity under time duress
  • Student-created Action plan to carry out the mission statement
  • Techniques for working out issues and effective collaboration
  • Challenging team games under time pressure
  • Lesson on why people misbehave and how to effectively work with people who can be difficult.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Each participant will get a better understanding of his/her strengths and how to best use his/her strengths to benefit the group.
  2. Individuals will learn how to effectively lead their peers within their own personality styles.
  3. Individuals will be better prepared to take charge in pressured situations.
  4. The group will learn how to effectively collaborate under time pressure.
  5. The group will define their mission and determine action steps.
  6. Students will learn how to create more effective working relationships.
  7. Students will learn more on how to effectively problem solve and respectfully work out issues.
  8. The group will learn how to be more service oriented.

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