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Team-Building & Leadership Workshops

We conduct on-site, highly interactive team-building and leadership workshops tailored to each group's specific needs. These workshops have benefited thousands of teenagers since 1995.

Consensus is Powerful

The picture at the top of this page shows a student leader team presenting their mission statement to their fellow members. The mission statement was created to consensus during a team-building and leadership workshop.

The process of building consensus draws on the experience, insight, creativity, and perspective of each member of a group. When building consensus, a difference is not a problem, but a catalyst to arrive at a better solution.

When adult leaders give student leaders the opportunity to create their own mission statement, the student leaders will be more motivated to create their culture and achieve their goals. They will also be challenged to embody their mission statement, by living it themselves, before they present it to their peers for the acceptance.

The following is an example of how our workshops have helped the group in the photo.

Most Groups Face Hard Times Eventually

In 2003, the group was in disarray. The fall before we started the Teens2Teams team-building and leadership workshops, they had been excited because they thought that they had advanced to the state qualifying competition.

Then they learned, however, that one of their members had cheated on a test and that, as a result, the group had been disqualified from competing at the state qualifying competition. That fall was the most disappointing and difficult time the director had endured in all his years of teaching. Some students quit the group. Others were so upset that they became behavior problems. The director was seriously contemplating taking a position at another school.

There is a Way Out

Instead, he decided to start the Teens2Teams team-building and leadership workshops with the hope that we could rekindle their passion for performing again.

After just eight days of workshops over two years, the group has evolved profoundly. They are now working as one with a passion for excellence in performance. The student leaders have figured out how to be friends while also being in charge of those friends. In addition, they have learned how to keep their peers motivated, focused, and achieving. The group has taken on their most challenging program ever and is learning how to compete at the state level.

Now the director is extremely happy because he has a group that both performs well and gets along as a healthy family should. He loves his job so much that he plans to continue teaching this group until he retires.

Our Approach can be Adapted to Help Any Group

We have worked with student councils, sports teams, musical organizations, at-risk teens, educators, coaches, administrators, and parent groups who have faced similar challenges with great success.

Would you like your group to work together as a cohesive team? Contact us now for a free personal consultation.

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