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Letter of Reference
from Gregory Whitehead

June 8, 2000

To Whom It May Concern:

A part of our continuous improvement efforts at Miamisburg High School was to instill leadership and a greater ownership of this high school by the students. One avenue was to fashion a more proactive student government with specific responsibilities.

Peter Ferrito, an educational leadership consultant, was brought in to transform our student government from an elected group of popular students into a working body of students that serves the best interest of each student and this high school.

Following a two-day leadership retreat with our student government leaders, I have been pleased with the initiative and progress by our student government leaders. The student government leaders have created an outstanding mission statement, addressed the entire faculty about next year, completed a student body survey, organized summer orientation, and made plans for several early summer meetings. Peter Ferrito's leadership retreat was the stimulant needed to transform our student government into action. I realize this is only the first step and the initiative must be sustained, but our goal is certainly within reach thanks to Peter Ferrito.


Gregory Whitehead
Retired Principal
Miamisburg High School, Blue Ribbon Award-Winner
Miamisburg, Ohio

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