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Letter of Reference
from Dr. Betty J. Krohn

October 16, 2000

Dear Mr. Ferrito:

I want to thank you for the time you have invested in the students at Haltom High School. When I scheduled the Leadership Seminar for our student leaders, I had not envisioned the leadership team that is now having a positive effect on Haltom's student body.

The communications and listening skills, team building, and goal setting have helped our student leaders to work together and conceive a vision/mission for Haltom. They decided to continue the collaborative work between the five student organizations to form a leadership team known as the Buff Board.

Today, the Buff Board presented their mission statement and plans for the student survey to Haltom's Site-Based Decision Making Committee. The teachers were very receptive to the collaboration among organizations and the English Department volunteered time to conduct the student questionnaire. The results of the questionnaire on school spirit, organization and activity involvement, safety, and relationships will be shared with the teachers as well as the student organizations.

The students are proud of what they have accomplished for their school and organizations. The sponsors are seeing more leadership skills and characteristics than in the past years. This is the beginning of students learning how to excel in leadership.


Dr. Betty J. Krohn
Vice Principal, James Bowie High School
Arlington, Texas
Formerly Assistant Principal, Haltom High School
Haltom City, Texas

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