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Topics Covered in Team-Building & Leadership Training Workshops for High School Bands

We tailor each workshop to your band's needs

Topics Covered

  • Identifying individual strengths and building individual confidence and competence
  • Understanding and developing a Team Concept
  • Defining the group's vision for their program
  • Creating a participant-led mission statement and Action Plan (2-Day Workshop)
  • Establishing expectations of one another
  • Improving communication skills
    • Understanding why and how people communicate
    • Learning to speak more articulately and positively
    • Building skills in problem solving and communication through games under time duress
    • Role playing of body language, tonality and empathic listening
  • Understanding behavior and the role it has on human interaction
    • Solving misbehavior by implementing positive and respectful consequences
    • Creative problem-solving exercises

We offer different types of workshops for bands, each with a different focus and purpose. Learn more about the types of high school band workshops we offer.

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