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Types of Workshops We Offer for High School Bands and Choruses

Each of the following workshops are designed to address your specific needs. We come to your school and work with just your group.

Concert Band Leadership Development Workshop

Do you want to get more out of your student leaders during concert season?

Many of the groups we work with us come to us initially because they want more from their leaders during concert season.

When concert season starts, you may be eager to jump into your concert literature without worrying about team-building. Unfortunately, your student leaders wonít clearly understand their responsibilities.

Unlike marching band, where student leaders have highly defined roles, student leaders in concert bands are often uncertain about their responsibilities. Here's why.

  • Concert music is more difficult.
  • Students perceive less urgency because there are no longer regular football games and contests.

When student leaders do not have specifically defined roles, they forget about their function and act like normal members. This is why concert bands often lose focus, cohesion and efficiency.

Once marching band season is over, give your leaders the tools they need to be more effective leaders during your concert season.

How will our student leader workshop improve your concert season?

  • Students will learn leadership principles that they can apply in and out of the classroom.
  • Your leaders will acquire techniques for building solid relationships.
  • Your leader team will pick up tools for working with students who need more help.
  • Your student leaders will clearly define their roles as leaders during concert season.
  • Your leaders will build a strong unity among the leader team.
  • Your students will build momentum which will continue working for you throughout your music program and all year long.

In short, after the workshop, you will see a united effort from your leaders because they will understand and buy into their function in the band and have the tools to carry out their role.

Letís talk about how a student leader workshop could make your concert season more successful!

One-Day Leader Candidate Training Workshop

The one-day Leader Candidate Training Workshop will help identify future student leaders while giving your leaders training in advance of their audition.

These one-day workshops are generally conducted in January, February, March or April. This workshop can involve as many as 50 students, depending on the size of your program.

This workshop will help you determine which potential leaders will become your student leaders for the upcoming year. There are many opportunities in this one day workshop for you to see how your students participate, communicate their ideas, demonstrate insight, follow directions, adapt under pressure, are service-oriented and give their best effort.

The Leader Candidate Training Workshop will consist of some lecture, one-on-one activities, as well as team-building and goal-setting activities for the entire group.

Added Benefits

Your drum major and band president candidates will have an opportunity to lead the group in an activity to see how they handle the pressure and how their peers respond to them.

Towards the end of the workshop, your students will be asked to come up with collective goals that will help them improve personally and propel your organization to the next level.

Following the workshop you get a better indication of which students best use the training to become your most consistent and most service oriented leaders during your concert season.

Ultimately, participants will build a greater sense of community in your program resulting in increased momentum, focus and enthusiasm for your concert and upcoming marching band seasons.

Two-Day Team-building and Leadership Workshop

The two-day workshop is designed to properly train your chosen student leaders to

  • develop their own strengths and the strengths of their fellow leaders
  • build a cohesive "team attitude" throughout the student leader team and band
  • increase problem-solving ability under time duress
  • effectively communicate with staff, fellow student leaders and students
  • understand why people misbehave and implement positive and respectful consequences

This is the cornerstone workshop that gives your student leader team the most comprehensive training. This two-day workshop will help create a cohesive team of leaders who more fully understand their roles as leaders and how to best serve their band. You will also know at the end of this workshop how to better use your leaders within your system.

An added benefit will be that your drum majors, band president and possibly band vice president will be running the workshop for upwards of 2 hours. They will receive additional training to help with this responsibility throughout the workshop.

You will see how your drum majors, band president and vice-president learn to handle pressure and how their peers respond.

Three-Day Team-Building and Leadership Workshop

The goal of the three-day workshop expands on the two-day workshop, to give your student leader team more in-depth training. Your leadership team will better understand themselves and their fellow leaders and will learn specific skills in working with their peers. In addition, there is an option to include in the first day of training those students who just missed being chosen leaders. This is especially helpful if those students are seniors or underclassmen who show leadership potential. So, the choice is either to have more in-depth training for your leaders for three days or to incorporate more students in the process so that all the students present will develop increased comfort in working together.

One-Day Follow-up Session

The one-day follow-up session will incorporate the entire band, ultimately generating a tighter bond and more collective focus throughout your program.

There are 3 phases to this day. The first phase is an accountability and fine-tuning session with your chosen student leaders. The second phase is a training session with the students who were not chosen student leaders. The third phase involves incorporating the whole band in this process. This workshop has been very successful in further unifying the student leader teams with their bands.

Three-Hour Tune-up Session

The three-hour tune-up session is designed to help student leaders reinforce the material learned in the 2-day workshop. This session offers additional training, fine tuning and the opportunity for your leaders to the opportunity to ask questions as needed.

Booster Parent Workshop

The booster parent workshop is designed to help parents become more knowledgeable about the band activity, and increase their ability to work together as a cohesive team. This workshop is usually five hours in duration. It informs the parents about how their student leaders are being trained, helps them garner a better understanding of your total responsibilities as their band director, and helps them evolve as a more cohesive booster parent team.

Teacher In-Service Workshop

A teacher in-service is also available. Topics will be determined based on your need. This workshop can be a half day to two days in duration.

Junior High and Middle School Team-Building and Leadership Workshop

The leadership workshop for junior high programs will introduce students to leadership principles. This workshop will emphasize the importance of service, help them build their confidence and teach them to work together better. Ultimately, they will be better prepared to excel at your high school. This workshop is usually one day in duration. Please let me know of any junior high directors who you believe may be interested in these workshops.

Please understand that any of these workshops will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis and will be officially reserved when you fax a signed agreement.

Contact us for more information about our team-building workshops for bands.

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