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Mission Statements for High School Sports Teams

Created During Team-Building & Leadership Training Workshops

Marian Central Hurricane Volleyball Team, Illinois

We, the dedicated athletes of the Marian Central Volleyball Team, believe that through confidence, loyalty, enthusiasm, and focused effort, we will play every match with courage and concentration in order to achieve competitive excellence. We are individually and collectively committed to always giving 100% effort. As sisters, united by our passion of volleyball, we will be content in knowing that we have left our hearts and souls on the court. We are the Varsity Team of '08 and we will leave our mark.

McKinney North Bulldog Volleyball Team, Texas

We, the hardworking athletes of the Lady Bulldog Volleyball Team, proudly representing McKinney North High School, through trust and dedication, strive to be a successful program in all aspects, including statistics, unity, improvement, and strength. We pledge to build the skill and confidence of each player using mutual respect, positive encouragement, and perseverance. Our team promises to authentically play with heart and purpose and to ignite a family of lifelong bonds. By taking advantage of opportunities to improve, we will achieve the high expectations that we have set for ourselves as a team. We guarantee a season of improvement and loyalty to the love of volleyball.

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