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Student Mission Statements
and Core Value Statements
for High School Bands

Created During Team-Building & Leadership Training Workshops

McKinney Boyd High School Band — Texas
Mission Statement

We the McKinney Boyd Band stand for:

INTEGRITY Doing the right thing all the time

UNITY Lasting friendships that drive common goals

EXCELLENCE Exceeding expectations in all endeavors

L.D. Bell High School Band — Texas
Mission Statement

Together, as the unified family of the 2006-2007 L.D. Bell Student Leadership Team, we dedicate ourselves to build upon our firm foundation of excellence in music and motion through integrity, discipline, and trust. By consistently giving our personal and collective best, we will continually raise the standards of each performer, maximizing the total potential of the group and achieving a sense of success regardless of competitive result.

LaPorte High School Marching Band — Indiana
Core Values Statement

  • Dedication:  Determination to remain loyal to the band and its goals
  • Integrity:  Living one's conscience with respect and honor
  • Competitive Excellence:  Achieving the band's fullest potential of performance through the mastery of all skill

DeSoto High School Band — Texas
Mission Statement

We, the 2008-2009 Student Leader Team of the DeSoto High School Eagle Band, will stand as a united family of musicians and guard with dignity and integrity. While continually building upon our legacy of musical, visual, and performance excellence, we will strengthen our work ethic, learn life lessons, and raise the bar for all bands to come.

Saginaw High School Band — Texas
Mission Statement

We, the proud leaders of the Spirit of Saginaw Band, strive to create a unified family through integrity, service, commitment, and trust. We will set and achieve our goals marked with excellence, undying passion, and diligent practice. Ultimately, through the enrichment of our organization, we develop skills and friendships necessary for success in band and in life.

Nolan Catholic High School Band — Texas
Mission Statement

We, the proud leaders of the Nolan Catholic Viking Band, adhere to the morals and ethics of our school. We firmly dedicate ourselves to maintaining personal integrity, fostering a positive learning atmosphere, and creating a respectful, unified band. We aspire to the highest levels of professionalism, dignity, and class in order to exceed all expectations. We will strive to continuously improve ourselves creating success musically and in life.

Richland High School Band — Texas
Mission Statement

We, as dedicated members of the 1999-2000 Richland Rebel Band Program, stand for complete commitment, cooperation, and responsibility in order to achieve new levels of musical and visual excellence, thereby raising the standards of our activity. While maintaining respect for each individual, we continue to build personal pride and integrity through performance, thus enhancing the enrichment of our organization, ultimately developing the skills necessary for success in band and in life.

Texas A&M Consolidated High School Band — Texas
Mission Statement

We, the united members of the Mighty Band from Tigerland, pledge to reach and surpass a superior standard in musical and visual performance through mutual trust, respect, and self-discipline. While creating an atmosphere of confidence, dedication, and maturity, each individual will have the opportunity to apply their strengths and develop their character, thereby benefiting themselves and the band. We will cultivate lasting friendships and uphold an exemplary image on and off the field through our shared passion, motivation, and pride.

Lamar High School Band — Texas
Mission Statement

We, the dedicated members of the 2007-2008 Pride of Lamar, believe in upholding our traditions of dedication, determination, discipline, and pride. While respecting all members of the Lamar Band Family, we will commit to consistent musical and visual improvement. Through cooperation and perseverance, we will achieve unity, excellence and lasting friendships, ultimately developing the skills necessary for success in band and in life.

Niles West High School Band — Illinois
Mission Statement

As the dedicated members of the 2007-2008 Niles West Band Program, we believe in integrity, courage, and commitment. Our unified band community strives to collectively improve in order to achieve pride and excellence in musical and visual performance. Thus, we will use the skills and lessons learned in band throughout our lives.

Snider High School Band — Indiana
Mission Statement

We, the dedicated leaders of the Mighty Snider Panther Marching Band, stand for:

  • respect for individuality,
  • open-mindedness to our peers' ideas,
  • loyalty to the band,
  • a desire to work hard, and
  • commitment to our common goal — to have fun growing as individuals and working as a family to achieve a level of performance showing our passion and determination.

Dulles High School Band — Texas
Mission Statement

While maintaining our dedication to high standards of individual and collective excellence, we will continue to build upon our traditions of spirit and discipline. Within our diverse family, we band together to overcome all obstacles in order to reach our full potential as artists and as people. We are proud, we are unified, we are the Mighty Viking Band and Dolls Dance Team.

Pope High School Band — Georgia
Mission Statement

We, the proud members of the Alan C. Pope High School Band, through trust, respect, and encouragement will create a safe and positive learning environment for each member. As a unified group, we are dedicated to constant improvement in setting higher standards to continue our Pursuit Of Performance Excellence. We will develop skills and lasting relationships that will carry on the tradition for generations to come.

Holliday High School Band — Texas
Mission Statement

We, the members of the Holliday Eagle Band for 2003-2004, believe in upholding our tradition of competitive excellence, while continually evolving as a unified band family. We pledge to treat each member with dignity and respect, and also expect individual and collective commitment. We shall focus on the task at hand with a passionate sense of urgency and a vision for the future.

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