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Letter of Reference
from Steven G. Lyons

November 23, 1998

To Whom It May Concern:

It is both a pleasure and a privilege to write a letter of recommendation in support of Mr. Peter Ferrito. Peter has worked with the student leaders in my marching band program for the last year, and I have seen remarkable improvement in their ability to cooperate, increase efficiency of rehearsals, set meaningful goals, and work tirelessly to achieve them.

While I have had some people in to work with my band before in the area of student leadership and motivation, seldom had they had the lasting effects I was looking for. Peter was the first person who came and really made a difference in the ways my student leaders were able to communicate with one another and their section members. They not only took ownership for the climate and intensity of the rehearsals, but they also planned activities outside of rehearsals.

Peter Ferrito is NOT a hired cheerleader. He will not come into your building and dazzle the students with lots of cute quips and humor. What he WILL do is enable your students to work effectively amongst themselves, their section members, and the staff. He will enable and empower students to fix problems before they start and creatively find solutions when problems arise.

As I'm sure most band directors can attest, a strong student leadership program in any marching band can be an integral component of success. The more that students take an active role of ownership for the success of the band, the more students are willing to be focused and committed both inside and outside of rehearsals. Peter Ferrito was the driving force behind the leap forward our student leadership program took last year, and I strongly recommend him to anyone who is serious about educating and enriching the lives of young adults.

Steven G. Lyons
Director of Bands
Champlin Park High School
Champlin, Minnesota

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