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Letter of Reference
from Stan Mauldin

January 12, 2003


While I was standing on the stage at the Midwest Clinic, thinking about our students, their parents, the "realities" of Holliday Texas, the Band Barn, our rehearsal field, Rt's Food Store—where you and I were the only ones without spurs and chaps—I thought, "How did we build a band program that is capable of performing at the highest level?"

I firmly believe that your friendship and guidance have been an integral component in our success. After the first workshop three years ago, I saw a dramatic difference in our band students. I saw a willingness to explore their leadership potential and a desire to please each other that is not typical of most organizations. After your second and third clinics, we noticed an increased work ethic combined with a strong sense of responsibility from each individual member. I saw the students, through self-discipline, take control of the ensemble, perform at the highest levels while maintaining a high level of compassion for each individual. We have become a team, a family, where each individual member bears equal responsibility for our success.

Our Midwest Clinic performance is a memory; Chicago has been transformed from a city to a significant time period in our lives. We are just now beginning to realize what the experience has meant to us, how it has changed our lives forever.

Thank you for your contribution to our band program. I feel certain that, without the leadership skills and team building tools you taught our students and staff, we would not have been able to achieve our musical goals and make our loftiest dreams become a reality.

God Bless,

Stan Mauldin
Director of Bands
Holliday High School
Holliday, Texas

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