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Letter of Reference
from Robert J. Cesario

December 5, 2001

To Whom It May Concern:

We had the opportunity of hosting Peter for a workshop with our MOB Staff in August of this year. He worked with our student leaders for two days, August 20 and 21. His work with our students was inspiring and informative. Principles and procedures learned during these two days have continued to make our rehearsals, sectionals, show meetings, and staff meetings more efficient and civil.

Rice University is a place that demands a very high level of intellect from its students. As a result, many who attend are infused with a great amount of intellectual vigor. They tend to go at problems with a tenacity that can at times be astounding. However, this same tenacity will sometimes lead them to ignore or put aside their own feelings or those of others and leave the heart out of their solutions. Throughout his time with us, Peter was emphatic in his demand that members of the staff come at problems not only from their considerable intellectual abilities, but also from their hearts. Those who have taken his advice have clearly grown this year.

I heartily recommend Peter and his student Leadership and Team-Building workshop to other band directors at the college and university level.


Robert J. Cesario
Director of Bands
Rice University
Houston, Texas

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