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Letter of Reference
from Randy Karon

July 15, 1998


Once again, I would like to thank you for a successful L.E.A.D. workshop with the students at Barrington High School. I have really begun to notice some significant changes in the attitudes and initiative of our students. Our students are beginning to take charge of their own destinies in the band, and are learning how to become proactive in insuring the success of the marching band and all performing groups at the high school.

More importantly, I am really beginning to notice how much differently our students are looking at life in general, and how they can make a significant impact on their school, community, and society by using some of the methods and techniques you have shown them and applying them to other aspects of their lives. Thanks so much again and we look forward to continued success with your program!


Randy Karon
Director of Bands
Barrington High School
Barrington, Illinois

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