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Letter of Reference
from Priscilla Gibson

November 9, 2004

To Whom It May Concern:

The director and members of the Archer City Prowlin' Growlin' Wildcat Band sincerely recommend Peter Ferrito's leadership training. We have experienced three sessions in the last four years and truly believe the workshops have made a difference.

My first year as the director of the Archer City Band was an eye opener. There were no student leaders of any kind. The students had no ownership of their band. A good friend who highly recommended his training introduced me to Mr. Ferrito. My Band Boosters and school administration helped me pay for our first session. It was a great experience! I think I learned more than the students. He taught all of us what leadership was, and how to be a good, positive leader. We were given tools to use, exercises using these tools, and references to fall back on. That summer we had a follow-up session before school began. When summer band started, we were all well prepared, focused, and organized. I was better prepared to delegate responsibilities to students and they were ready for the challenge.

That year our band achieved the first sweepstakes for the band in 17 years! I truly believe by setting our goals and knowing how to reach them-because of his training-made the difference.

The next year we were unable to bring him back. It was a very different group and many of the leaders from the previous year had graduated. We did not fare well. We did not set our goals in an orderly way or follow through with what we had learned the year before. We failed to meet our expectations.

This past spring I asked the students if they would like to bring Mr. Ferrito back. No one hesitated, they all responded positively. We had a two-day session last summer, which went very well. The students, most of who had not worked with Mr. Ferrito before, responded very well. We set challenging goals and we all felt focused and confident that we were back on the right track.

The Archer City Wildcat Band has had a very successful fall. Our most important success this year was to attain self-respect, cohesiveness, and the support and respect of our community and student body.

If your organization requires that students lead, Peter Ferrito's training sessions are for you. His training is thorough, concise, and-best of all-practical! It is not a feel good session; it is work that makes you feel great and accomplished when you have completed the journey.


Priscilla Gibson, Director
Prowlin' Growlin' Wildcat Band
Archer City High School
Archer City, Texas

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