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Letter of Reference
from Paul Onspaugh

March 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

I had heard of Peter through an associate when I mentioned the trouble I was having with the leadership aspect of our band. We had no real goals or guidelines other than one set of students telling (yelling, really) at another set of students.

Peter was able to come in and discuss with our students — talking with them, not down to them — the ideas and concepts behind leadership on their own terms. The results were really phenomenal after the first full session. Students began taking ownership of the entire program — and began working together for a set of common goals. Where there was once an empty band hall after rehearsals, now the hall is filled with leaders helping kids in all aspects of their school experience.

We will always be working towards our goals, and now the students know what they are and how to accomplish them. I would recommend Peter Ferrito to any program, regardless of success level, as I believe he is not only helping bands but helping to create better kids.

Paul Onspaugh
Director of Bands
Denison High School
Denison, Texas

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