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Letter of Reference
from Mika Tepfer

March 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

I highly recommend Peter Ferrito's workshop training for teams and individuals. He allowed my team the time to explore and build confidence with each other. Our program is very young, and we needed training to help jump start us in order to compete in the district. Peter brought out the best in them in a very short time. He worked well with me and reinforced what I needed for my team to develop. After I had several meetings with Peter, he adapted the sessions to my players' needs, and we started to build on it. It is a process that took reinforcing for four months. We will continue his training sessions each year to build our volleyball program.

Our main success this past year was Amber getting a college volleyball scholarship. She has been in the McKinney North High School volleyball program for four years and her class is the second class to graduate from MNHS.

Amber's development has been incredible. She has matured into a young lady and we see her being successful in the long run! She is an inspiration to all of my players! Watching her develop over that past 4 years has been very rewarding, but this past season took a different turn with Peter's assistance. Amber flourished with his guidance. She absorbed lifetime skills that we worked to develop in her as a leader and as an individual.

Amber is just the first example. I see many more coming with Peter's help! It is like having another assistant coach to help you, your players, the parents of your players, and your assistant coaches work together mentally!


Coach Mika Tepfer
Former Head Volleyball/ PAL Sponsor
McKinney North High School
McKinney, Texas
Current Head Volleyball Coach
Richland High School
Richland, Texas

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