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Letter of Reference
from Mickey D. Stisher

September 26, 2001

RE: Recommendation for Peter Ferrito and Ferrito Education, Inc.

It is an honor and pleasure to recommend Peter Ferrito to anyone interested in developing strong leadership in their organization. Mr. Ferrito is very knowledgeable in the areas of psychology and music education and has found a unique way to combine both into a highly successful workshop.

Throughout my career I have encouraged thousands of students to attend the multitude of leadership workshops available for youth today. Though many of these workshops provided a "warm fuzzy feel good" atmosphere, I searched for years for one that would provide students with real life answers to the real life situations they encounter as student leaders.

After several years of complaining among our band staff about the lack of student leadership, I decided it was time to risk the financial investment of scheduling a two-day workshop with Peter. After two years of workshops, the change in our program is amazing! Our leaders are true leaders now with an understanding of HOW to lead.

The "Operations Manual" developed by Mr. Ferrito is not only a big part of the workshop, but an excellent tool for our leaders throughout the year. Every time a leader has come to me with a problem in their section, we have been able to refer to the manual and find advice on how to approach the problem.

It is comforting to know I can always depend on Mr. Ferrito to help our program grow and flourish with his high level of expertise. I have no reservations in recommending Ferrito Education to anyone interested in developing strong leadership skills in their program.


Mickey D. Stisher
Director of Music
La Porte High School
La Porte, Indiana

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