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Letter of Reference
from Marv Leavitt

April 2003

To Whom It May Concern:
Reference for Peter Ferrito, Ferrito Education Inc.

My varsity volleyball team at (Elgin) St. Edward Catholic High School participated in a team building retreat run by Peter Ferrito last summer. There were a number of positive experiences that my players took home from this workshop, such as: improved communication, understanding of one's role on the team, the responsibility placed on the team captains and senior leadership, and a closer look at our team's strengths and weaknesses.

Peter is a strong and natural leader who made sure that all 18 participants (coaches included) were involved in the discussions and various team-building activities. He wanted everyone to know that they played an important function in determining whether or not our team would have a successful season. He insisted that no individual was left out in the discussions and that all voices were heard.

Peter is a very organized individual. Prior to the workshop, he had handbooks ready for each member of the team. Even before the program began, the players had to fill out questionnaires about their impressions on the team and their goals for the season. Throughout the workshop Peter would intersperse various outdoor team challenges to help us gain a better understanding of how we worked together and communicated as a team. These activities helped us gain insight into what we needed to work on to improve as a unit.

Peter spent extra time during our breaks working with our senior leaders, specifically with our team captains. These discussions did a great deal in helping them realize their responsibilities to the team and coaching staff. Both captains left the workshop with better leadership skills and wound up being excellent leaders throughout the season.

The St. Edward Varsity Volleyball team had an outstanding season in the fall of 2002. We had great unity on and off the court and reached many of the goals we set back in the team workshop in August. We advanced all the way to the Sweet 16 in the state tournament and were co-champions in our conference (for the first time ever in school history). I have no doubt that Peter's work with us helped lay the foundation for our successful season.


Marv Leavitt
Head Volleyball Coach
St. Edward Catholic High School
Elgin, Illinois

PS. Peter's commitment to our team did not end when the workshop finished. He stayed in close contact with us throughout the season and even traveled several hours to watch us advance in the state tournament.

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