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Letter of Reference
from Keith Witt

February 7, 2002

To Whom It May Concern:

Mr. Peter Ferrito served as the leadership consultant for the Leander High School Band during 1998-2000. During that time, he held a leadership workshop during the summer for our drum majors, section and squad leaders, and officers, attended several rehearsals during the fall, and traveled to our marching competitions, continually working with the students to help them become better leaders and more proactive band members.

Mr. Ferrito helps students to think in different ways and motivates the students through self-discipline. He allows the students to decide the direction they want their program to go, then provides them with the tools to achieve their goals. He makes use of a variety of leadership exercises, some of which are fun, all of which are thought-provoking.

Mr. Ferrito's leadership training proved extremely useful to Leander Band and Color Guard students and to the staff as well. His skill in leadership training, his passion for his work, and his total belief in young people make him a tremendous asset to any program.


Keith Witt
Director of Bands
Leander High School
Leander, Texas

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