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Letter of Reference
from Jeremy Earnhart

February 2005

To prospective Leadership & Teambuilding organizations:

If music education was a real-world competitive venture and survival was based on student leadership, I would keep Peter Ferrito a secret. In his one season with our program, Peter has truly impressed the staff and students at L.D. Bell.

The staff was certainly hesitant to "let go" the reins of leadership development, however with an incoming class which would be 50% of the band, it was evident that a new direction was necessary. We were a good combination of skeptical and hopeful. Peter met with the staff and discussed where we had come from, where we were, and where we were going as it related to the band program and the student leaders. Peter listened to what we felt was important and tailored some of his sessions for our specific needs.

Peter was not afraid to share his assessment of areas that the program and staff needed to improve in order to facilitate student achievement. This is probably what I enjoyed the most: the "reality" that he brings with him. His sessions are not filled with "feel good" "rainbows and lollipops." For us, he was more clinical and thought-provoking. Late in the season, I overheard him talking with a student. After listening to what the student wished to say, he simply asked, "How are you going to be of service to this organization today?" The power of that question is with me always. It is simple and effective, and effective is the word I would use for Peter Ferrito.

For Leadership & Teambuilding Training, I recommend Peter Ferrito. I welcome any communication for further information regarding Peter.

Jeremy Earnhart
Fine Arts Director
Arlington ISD

Former Band Director
Blue Raider Band
L.D. Bell High School
Hurst, Texas

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