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Letter of Reference
from James M. Sammons

Dear Peter,

As we conclude our fall marching season, I wanted to write you a note to say thank you for the outstanding student leadership workshops you presented to our student leadership team, band, teaching staff, and our parent booster organization this past June and September.

This season was one of the most successful seasons ever for us, not only in terms of musical and marching excellence, but also in terms of student leadership and responsibility throughout the entire band. I am certain that the life skills and leadership principles learned from your workshops greatly benefited our entire program. Personally, I benefited a great deal from the workshops and the "shop talk" time spent with me during the workshop "off hours" and on the phone during the year.

The mission statement you assisted us in developing has been a continual guiding force as we have dealt with the difficult moments that many programs experience from time to time. We developed a higher level of mutual respect and a strong bond among the students and staff leading to an atmosphere of "family and community" throughout the program. Because of this, we had the best attendance, rehearsal efficiency, accountability, and performances in years! In addition, band members took greater care of their uniforms and equipment, and even increased fundraising participation.

Our success also transferred to the competition field. We won the Grand Champion Award at the Isle of Eight Flags Festival in Jacksonville the final weekend of our season.

Most of all, I want to thank you for working with our band members to further develop their interpersonal skills. All that you have taught them will certainly better prepare them to have more successful personal and professional lives.

We look forward to working with you this coming summer to continue this process. I would certainly recommended your program to any band or other student organization interested in improving student leadership, accountability, and responsibility.


James M. Sammons
Past President — Florida Bandmasters Association
Director of Bands
Vero Beach High School
Vero Beach, Florida

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