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Letter of Reference
from Gary Gribble

October 29, 2003

To Whom It May Concern:

The workshops by Peter Ferrito have been instrumental in the development of our student leadership program. Our students have been shown practical, proven methods of dealing with leadership issues. They have examined their own beliefs and practices and learned how to maximize their potential. The level of enthusiasm has grown, and the entire band program has benefited from our experience.

Mr. Ferrito combines theory with application in order to produce results. Students are asked to assume certain roles in order to demonstrate the situations that they will likely encounter as leaders. They are given hands-on experience in dealing with others. The portions of the workshop that involve self-assessment are a particularly valuable component in the student's growth.

Another wonderful component of the sessions is the team-building atmosphere. Students are guided through interactive exercises that demonstrate the strength of teamwork and the importance of cooperation. Our students continue to express their amazement at the bonding effect that remains after the workshop has concluded.

I can state emphatically that the Ferrito workshops have helped our students develop into stronger leaders and more involved members of our band program.


Gary Gribble
Director of Bands
Alan C. Pope High School
Marietta, Georgia

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