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Letter of Reference
from David Kirkley

January 2005

Directors, Coaches and Sponsors:

I am honored to write to you about Peter Ferrito and Ferrito Education. He has served as an outstanding clinician and motivator in our program for two years. I look forward to his work in the future with our student leader teams.

Mr. Ferrito shows great attention to detail and is very thorough in following through with high expectations as a role model and teacher. The students have shown a much higher level of commitment and work ethic through the guidance and focus of the Ferrito Leadership program.

Peter shows great care to the students and always takes an approach of respect and integrity. Mr. Ferrito is also very energetic and will take initiative to resolve needs that will assist the students, parents, directors and other teaching staff in the program even after his workshops have concluded. He shows great insight and organization skills. Mr. Ferrito also shows a great deal of concern for students while still maintaining a high expectation level for their performance.

Our Boswell program of student leaders continue to show improved leadership skills and keep growing as outstanding role models and motivators.

It is indeed an honor and a privilege to recommend highly Mr. Ferrito's program and outstanding work.


David Kirkley
Director of Bands
Boswell High School
Saginaw, Texas

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