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Letter of Reference
from Allan Goodwin

To Whom It May Concern:

I live by the axiom that if you elevate your thinking, you elevate your life. If this is true, then one's thinking must be challenged at every opportunity. It needs to be hammered out on the anvil of adversity until it is pliable, well-formed and ultimately solidified. Peter Ferrito is wonderfully and amazingly adept in challenging the thinking of not only student leaders, but of our staff members and directorship as well. My appreciation for Peterís approach extends beyond his direct work with our students.

Peter and I have had numerous conversations in which he has solicited information about the processes we use for not only leadership selection, but also the philosophical foundations of our program. The process of explaining, defining and at times defending the core values of our organization and methodology has paid tremendous dividends as our staff works to improve every facet of our organization. Having our closely held beliefs examined under the bright light of Peter's experience has revealed areas where a shift in philosophy or approach are needed have been invaluable as we continue to streamline day-to-day operations.

Peter's extensive experience working to maximize the preparation and performance of other band programs has been a valuable resource as we "grow" our leadership culture and incorporate it into our own "DNA". Our student leadership team has matured greatly under Peterís guidance and their keen awareness of their potential impact, both positive and negative, has been a welcome development.

As unassuming as Peter Ferrito is in his manner and delivery, I find the connection the students feel with him by the end of a session really amazing. There is a genuineness about Peter that is disarming to many of our students and draws them outside their comfort zone. When we are willing to step outside our tendencies we open ourselves to new ideas and, ultimately, to growth and transformation. I couldn't be more pleased with the connection our students have felt to Peter and the development of a leadership culture in our program. I encourage any program directors who have the desire to equip and empower students step into the leadership arena to consult Peter and Teens2Teams.

Allan Goodwin
Associate Director of Bands
Texas A&M–Commerce
Commerce, Texas

Formerly Director of Bands
Sachse High School
Garland Independent School District
Sachse, Texas

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