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Letter of Reference
from Alan Harkey

To Whom It May Concern:

I have come to discover that the quickest way to improve my program at McKinney North High School is through the development of student leadership and team building. In each school I have taught, I have had the same basic vision for a successful band program. Aside from the inherent musical goals, I place a premium on team concepts.

The best thing that has happened to the McKinney North Band in this regard has been the wisdom, insight and training that has come through Peter Ferrito and Teens2Teams. We started leadership training with Mr. Ferrito in a two-day workshop format three years ago. The workshops are very intense and address head-on the core issues that affect teens as individuals, leadership team members, and band members.

Mr. Ferrito presents concepts and issues at the students' level in such a way that they are able to gain the courage necessary to be strong, confident leaders among their peers. He does this by obtaining information about each student leader in advance of the workshop. His education in Psychology and ability to communicate really appeal to an area in our youth that is really not addressed anywhere else in the school setting.

Furthermore, perhaps the best feature is the genuine care that Mr. Ferrito shows for the students and directors who are involved in the workshop. I can personally attest to how my staff and student leaders have grown through this experience. As a result, the vision and drive for a successful program is now coming from student leadership in accord with the directors. I highly recommend Mr. Ferrito and Teens2Teams to develop insight, motivation and achievement for anyone that works with student groups.

Alan Harkey
Director of Bands
McKinney North High School
McKinney, Texas

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