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Letter of Reference
from Maria E. Lee

Dear Mr. Ferrito,

I wanted to take this time to thank you very much for your hard work with our Spring Valley student leaders these past three days. On the way home, my son was extremely talkative about his participation in your workshop.

He mentioned that attending your clinic was a very enlightening experience where he had several moments of self-discovery. He is ready to take on his new challenge and apply what he has learned to his daily routine. I was very pleased to see the wheels turning in our student leaders. It was great to see our students progress from day one to last night. The fact that our leaders were actively engaged in the learning process and were consistently involved the self-evaluation process is a testament in itself.

I was so proud of one student for recognizing and owning up to his actions. Another great observation was when another student confidently contributed to the mission statement by assuring that it was all inclusive (wind, percussion and color guard).

Your sitting with our leaders at last night's dinner and listening to their self-analysis and realizations was a very profound and exciting moment. I look forward to watching the leaders continue to work towards their goals, along with watching their involvement with our band members.

Thanks for recharging our staff's teaching batteries. Most importantly, thank you very much for planting a synergetic seed in all of our leaders. I believe that I am speaking for all of our Spring Valley staff and directors by stating that we will do our best to continually foster that seed and assure that our students will transfer their self-discoveries and new found respect for one another to their life long experiences.

Maria E. Lee, MME, NBCT
Director of Bands
Summit Parkway Middle School
Columbia, SC 29229

Assistant Director of Bands
Spring Valley High School
Columbia, SC 29229

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