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Letter of Reference
from John C. Mize

Dear Peter,

I have been a student of leadership for almost 30 years, reading every book I could get my hands on while also attending every seminar that my schedule would allow. After studying and learning from the best in the business, I could not envision how your company could improve what we already had going at our school. Nonetheless, because I was interested in seeing and hearing your program and what it had to offer, I decided to give your concept of "Team Building" a chance.

Not only have I found your approach refreshing and enormously effective, I now know - without a doubt - that your system has a powerful impact on the entire organization. Even more importantly, it greatly enhances the individual student's chance for success in life. The growth in even the most introverted students has been remarkable.

Our leaders have been able to successfully model and implement our vision, goals and objectives throughout the entire program and the rise in our results is all the proof that one needs. I am a believer in your methods and I am grateful to you for the fine work you have done here at Kaufman High School during the last four years. It is my desire that there be many more successful years ahead with our partnership. Thank you for serving children and education the way that you do.


John C. Mize
Director of Bands
Kaufman ISD
Kaufman, Texas

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