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Letter of Reference
from David W. Vandewalker

April 14,2012

Thank you Teens2Teams!

The cornerstone of a successful program is created and nurtured by its leadership and the relationships they create. I believe a band can grow and achieve amazing results when the students themselves take ownership in their own success. Teenagers have a wealth of energy, creativity, and artistry beyond imagination. One of the most difficult tasks in education is finding ways to train and empower the immense energy and creativity of our students so they can achieve their fullest potential. Peter Ferrito, founder of Teens2Teams, has provided our students and staff with practical leadership application skills through highly insightful, interactive activities.

Peterís customized program is designed to provide positive, real‑life tools offering tangible methods transferable to the plethora of challenges they may face when serving as a leader among their peers. Every year, his training brings significant challenge that inevitably allows us to afford our students the rewarding discovery of tremendous growth. I am confident that our leadership academy, including the training provided by Teens2Teams, is one of the most vital parts of our program and one of the greatest investments we have made in student achievement and accomplishment over the last decade.


David W.Vandewalker
Assistant Director of Bands
Georgia State University Atlanta, Georgia

Former Director
Harrison High School Bands
Kennesaw, GA 30152

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